Operators Of Large Units Urged To Stop Using The Paradise Bridge Roadway


Amid concerns regarding the use of the Paradise Bridge detour road in Westmoreland, by operators of large units, the National Works Agency (NWA) is advising operators of trucks, trailers and other large units to desist from using the roadway.  


In July 2019, motorists traveling along the Ferris Cross to Dunbars River roadway in Westmoreland were detoured onto a temporary roadway at the location of the Paradise Bridge, which is now being reconstructed. This roadway is restricted to use by small units.


Community Relations Officer for the NWA’s Western Region, Janel Ricketts, says that despite instructions and signs advising against the use of the roadway by operators of large units, many are not complying with these instructions. 

Ms. Ricketts explains that the detour road cannot facilitate large vehicles and motorists who continue to defy the warnings are compromising the structure and putting their lives at risk. 


Operators of larger units are advised to use the alternative routes through Sweet River and Petersfield. 


Construction of the new bridge is expected to be completed by January 2020. The works are valued at approximately $48 Million. 


Franklin McKnight

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