Opposition Leader Says Budget Doesn’t Recognise Hardships Jamaicans Face


Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips has slammed the Government’s Budget as presented by Dr Nigel Clarke.

Dr Phillips says the Budget doesn’t address the reality of the Jamaican people. He said the $14 Billion stimulus package presented by the Finance Minister was something for friends of the Government.

The Opposition Leader said the official narrative of the Government did not align with the hardships being faced by many Jamaicans. He said the position taken by Finance Minister Dr Clarke represented a “distortion of the reality” of the Jamaican people. Dr Phillips criticised the Andrew Holness administration saying there were several corrupt acts it was full of scandals and was marked by mismanagement.

Dr Phillips said there is a “better way” and the PNP would pursue that way which would bring benefits to the poor and expand the Jamaican economy.

He was making his presentation to the 2019/20 Debate in which the Finance Minister, Dr Clarke and the Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Mark Golding, have already made their presentations in the House. Next up is the Prime Minister.


Franklin McKnight

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