OUR Still Wants Your Views On NWC Rate Increase Proposal


The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) is reminding consumers, companies and organizations that they still have time to comment on the rate application made by the National Water Commission (NWC).


The NWC applied to the OUR for a review of its current tariff which ends in 2018. According to the OUR, the NWC asserts that this tariff submission supports its objectives of improving and expanding potable water and sewerage services, encouraging and enhancing operating efficiencies, and creating the financial viability necessary to sustain its operations. 


The regulator (OUR) hosted public consultation meetings across the island with NWC customers to get feedback on the utility company’s tariff proposal.


The OUR is appealing to utility customers, civil society groups and professional organisations to send their views and comments, on the tariff application, by December 20, 2018. Email: nwctariff@our.org.jm. NWC’s tariff proposal may be viewed on OUR’s website. 


By: Franklin McKnight

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