Over 200 samples Being Tested For COVID From West Kingston & Norwood


The Health and Wellness Ministry has provided an update relating to the two recently added area on the coronavirus watch list. It says a total of 137 samples have been collected from West Kingston since Thursday, June 25, and about 100 samples from Norwood, St James for the testing of COVID-19.

Results will be made available in the shortest possible time to the residents tested.

The communities were placed under surveillance following confirmation of several cases of the virus last week coming from within the areas.

A total of 15 cases of coronavirus cases had been linked to Norwood, eight of which were imported and seven import-related, while West Kingston had a total of five cases.

Understanding this, the Health Ministry deployed more than 100 health workers comprising doctors, public health inspectors and nurses, as well as health aides, in both Norwood and West Kingston.

More details should reach our news desk by tomorrow


Shannon-Dale Reid


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