PAHO Warns Of Big Increase In Dengue



The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), has said that over 1.6 cases of dengue have been reported in the Americas in the first five months of this year and warned Caribbean countries that they need to do more to deal with the mosquito-borne diseases during the Covid-19 pandemic.


In an epidemiological update on dengue and other diseases, PAHO said, “While social distancing measures are in place, households should be encouraged to work together in and around their homes to get rid of stagnant water, reduce and dispose of solid waste, and to ensure proper covering of all water storage containers. These measures can be done as a family activity.”


PAHO said apart from the dengue cases, there were also 37, 279 cases of chikungunya and 7,452 Zika cases.


It said of the 1.6 million dengue cases in the Americas, 1.3 million is in Brazil

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