Parliament Pays Tribute To Former Parliamentarians



During the summer, three former Members of Parliament passed away, and on Tuesday, September 10 the House of Representatives paid tribute to them.

Tributes were made to DR. Ken Baugh, former Deputy Prime Minister and former Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP); Glenville ‘Power Saw’ Shaw, former MP for South West St Ann, representing the People’s National Party (PNP); and Laurie Broderick, former MP for Northern Clarendon on the JLP ticket, who became a Member of the PNP prior to the 2016 general election.

Speaking in the house, leader of government business, Karl Samuda (who knew Baugh for 40 years) said the life and work of late Deputy Prime Minister Dr Kenneth Baugh is an example to all who seek to give public service.

Samuda’s counterpart, leader of opposition business, Philip Paulwell said Baugh was never offensive and always accommodating.

Opposition Leader, Dr Peter Phillips, in his tribute noted that Dr Baugh was a man of good character, who was a true patriot committed to service.

Glenville Shaw was described by Horace Dalley as a “friend, colleague and powerful community man” and Dr Peter Phillips said Shaw was a visionary. Dr Phillps also noted that Laurie Broderick dedicated his life in service to the people of Jamaica. PNP Chairman Fitz Jackson lauded Broderick as a reasonable and caring man.

JLP’s Chairman, Robert Montague, said: “The three former members served well in this House and served their constituencies even better.”



Shannon-Dale Reid

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