Part Of Falmouth Under Lock Down Up To Nightfall, After Bomb Threat At Court

A soldier (right foreground) stands duty at one of several blocked access points on the road leading to the Falmouth Court House that shares this building with the Trelawny Municipal Corporation. Jamaica Today Photo

The square around the Falmouth Court House building that also houses the Trelawny Municipal Corporation remained locked down up to this evening, following a bomb threat Tuesday morning, December 4.

Jamaica Today counted at least 24 soldiers and police deployed around the entrances and exits to the area housing the court building.

The soldiers and police kept pedestrians and vehicles from entering the area most of the day after the bomb threat was made known. There was much rerouting of traffic in the congested town.

The actions of police personnel prevented access to a few businesses including a gas station, pharmacy and a financial house, close to the court building.

Even as darkness fell, members of the security forces manned the access points to the square around the courthouse, pointing out to pedestrians and motorists that the area was “restricted.”

Water Square was however accessible to pedestrians, including tourists who came to the town of Falmouth aboard two cruise ships Tuesday.

The Trelawny Parish court and the Trelawny Municipal Corporation in Falmouth that share the same historical two-storey building were evacuated shortly after 11 a.m. due to the bomb threat.

Police entered the building but found nothing. Extra members of the security forces were then deployed in the town as the building remained locked down all day.

Franklin McKnight

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