Paul Burke Apologizes For Saying His Wife ‘Deceived’ Him

Former People’s National Party (PNP) General Secretary, Paul Burke, has issued an apology to his wife, South West St Andrew Member of Parliament, Dr. Angela Brown Burke for saying she deceived him that she had not declared support for either Peter Bunting or Dr. Peter Phillips in the current PNP leadership race.

Burke made the accusation of being deceived by his wife in a letter to the party last week, after it was reported that Dr. Brown Burke had nominated Peter Bunting in the leadership race against Dr. Peter Phillips.

Mr. Burke has now expressed regret in a four-page letter to the PNP’s National Executive Council, NEC. Jamaica Today obtained a copy of the letter Friday, August 2.

In the letter, Burke wrote: “I did not have the right to use the word deceive. The word ‘deceive’ was strong and wrong, and my views on the matter did not give me the right to use this word, either privately or – worse – publicly, unless I had irrevocable proof of motive. Truthfully, she is not that type of person.”

Mr. Burke says he has also apologized in private to Dr. Brown Burke who has accepted the apology.

Mr. Burke says whilst he respects his wife’s right of choice, he is still bemused based on the person he knows her to be.

“If I can publicly extoll her strength and virtues, solicit support for her, I am also at liberty to evaluate and criticise her actions. This is not character assassination or a malicious action,” Mr. Burke insisted.

“When I supported Comrade Angela Brown Burke for any of her positions, I did not support her because she happened to be my wife. In later years, I supported her for a national leadership position because I truly believe in the principled, ethical, and philosophical leadership she provided, her commitment to human, social and community development in particular, and her consistent and often courageous advocacy for these and other issues,” Mr. Burke added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brown Burke has maintained her decision to support Peter Bunting in his bid to remove Peter Phillips as PNP President.

Vaughn Thorpe

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