Paul Lowe Last Man Standing In Fight With Paymaster

Paul Lowe, a Jamaican computer programmer and software developer is the one smiling, not Paymaster, following the end of a 20-year legal battle over copyright infringement.

Lowe was the last man standing Thursday, June 11 at the Supreme Court, where Paymaster was ordered to pay him $284 million in damages for using his intellectual property.

Paymaster will also have to pay interest on the$284 million at the rate of 6% a year for 20 years, from August 25, 2000, to June 11, 2020.

Lowe was represented by attorney, Vincent Chen, who said the interest portion will take the total amount of the award to $600 million.

The case put by Lowe is that he has suffered heavily because of an injunction which has prevented him from selling his bill-payment software here and abroad.

Apparently, Paymaster had brought a claim against Grace Kennedy and Lowe after he sold a bill-payment software to Grace to start Bill Express, which competes with Paymaster.

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