PEP Result Satisfying for Student this Year


Minister of Education Karl Samuda said in a statement that out of 39,689, eighty per cent of grade-six students exiting the primary-school system have been placed in one of their preferred high schools, whereas 16 per cent of students had been placed at a secondary institution near to their current primary school, while the remaining four per cent had been placed by home addresses.


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all components of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams were not administered.

Sixth-graders were assessed using the Grade Four Numeracy and Literacy exams sat in 2018, the grade-five Performance Task exams of 2019, and the Ability Test done in February this year.


During a digital press conference, this morning Minister Samuda said, “After using several statistical models to test the multiple scenarios, the most equitable weighting for the placement of students in 2020 is as follows: grade four, 30 per cent; for grade five, we attributed 20 per cent; and grade six, 50 per cent,”

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