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After Wednesday’s announcement by Minister of Education, Senator Ruel Reid, that the highly specialized website for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examination was up and running – there probably was doubt within the minds of many that the site would serve as a disappointment.

However, when Jamaica Today visited the domain, the very loading page illustrated that the ministry took very seriously the mission of delivering available resources to the nation’s children.

“Starting 2018-2019” is arguably the first thing that commands your attention after which a taskbar with varying menu options becomes available.

Broken down in Home, PEP, Teachers/Parents, Students, Feature and Contact – the website truly leaves no question unanswered, no explanation unclear.

Scrolling further down, users would meet ‘Chris’, a student who is excited to sit the PEP exam, before expanding on the assessment methodology of the replacement to the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) – wrapped in a 33-second video.

At about the middle of the page, users are greeted to an immersive graphic clock counting down the days to the sitting of Jamaica’s first PEP exam.

Further down, there are three modules for Grades 4, 5 and 6 – all free to the public – containing details and resources pertaining to Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies respectively.

A concurrent blog reveals itself scrolling further down, with selection options for frequently asked questions, the National Standards Curriculum and the important PEP examination registration manual.

At the extreme end of the PEP website there is a list of contact information, including a WhatsApp hotline, an email for the ministry, and a hyperlink to interact with the ministry on its Twitter feed.

On a navigation standpoint, the website has a crisp interface and should be highly recommended for parents and teachers checking to help children.

However, there was nothing found by the Jamaica Today team at the time of publishing that indicated what the ‘Communication Task’ or its equivalent subject matter would look like under the PEP model.

Gavin Riley

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