Permanent Secretary Recognized With US Embassy Award

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Carol Palmer, has been awarded the inaugural Pinnacle Award by the Embassy of the United States of America, recognizing her leadership in the fight against Human Trafficking.

Mrs. Palmer stood out among the nominees as she was selected by the Embassy’s Stakeholder Appreciation and Recognition Awards (SARA) Committee for her “unwavering commitment” to the 2018 Trafficking In Persons Awareness Tour. The Tour was a collaborative endeavor with the Embassy and the National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons – NATFATIP.

The Embassy noted that “through Mrs. Palmer’s sound leadership and inspiring vision, the team made exceptional impact, successfully achieving the key goal of building awareness among young people and community leaders across the island about the dangers of human trafficking”.

In her reaction, Mrs. Palmer said it was surprising and humbling to be recognized and that she was appreciative that the service to the Jamaican people has been noted.

She further remarked that to be singled out “for exceptional contribution to the US Embassy led programmes in partnership with the Ministry, while demonstrating sustained leadership is truly special and stands out with another award, the 1999-2000 International Hubert Humphrey Fellowship.

The results oriented Mrs. Palmer encouraged her fellow Public Servants to not just focus on a salary, but work diligently to grow Jamaica so that the country will be placed on a sustainable development path.

By Franklin McKnight

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