Phillips Good With His Choices For His Shadow Cabinet

Dr. Philips speaking at a press conference

The Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, moments ago at a press conference held at the PNP HQ in Kingston, addressed concerns following his decision to shuffle his shadow cabinet.

Concerns came as two persons viewed as playing significant roles in the party, Dr. Dayton Campbell and Dr. Angela Brown Burke, were not named in the cabinet.

Dr. Phillips refuted claims that the main reason for the two not being named as spokespersons is because of their roles in the recently held Presidential election. Philip says “not so” as he had decided to shuffle the shadow cabinet long before the challenge for his presidency.

Dr. Campbell was the spokesperson on Health, this portfolio now resides with a veteran medical practitioner, Dr. Morais Guy, of whom Phillips says he has full confidence.

The Local Government portfolio, previously held by Brown Burke, is now assigned to Natalie Neita.

Shannon-Dale Reid

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