Phillips Points To Inequalities



Leader of the Opposition Dr. Peter Phillips


The Leader of the Opposition, Dr Peter Phillips is decrying the inequalities among the people while pointing to achievements including the preservation of democracy.

In his Independence Day message the Opposition Leader said he had hope in the spirit of Jamaican people to rise to challenges.


He bemoaned what he called the “unequal apartheid system in education” and said many of the rights for workers were being eroded or not been fully achieved.


Dr. Phillips also criticized “the persistent high rate of murder and criminal violence” which he said “creates a deep sense of fear and insecurity among Jamaicans.”

Dr. Phillips said there was increasingly widespread view that life in Jamaica was not fair. “Nevertheless, I continue to believe in our capacity and potential as a people to successfully overcome the challenges that we face.” He said it was in this spirit that he had recently called a crime Summit and his Party had credible plans to making it possible for each Jamaican to own a piece of the land. He said there were also plans to reform education and training and grow the micro small and medium enterprises.

“So, today as we enjoy this showcasing of the best of our popular culture, and welcome relatives and friends from abroad to join in this celebration, let us also use the opportunity to reflect on our journey thus far, and to ready ourselves for the task ahead,” Dr. Phillips said.


Franklin McKnight

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