Phillips Set to Meet with Bunting as Shadow Cabinet Dwindles


Following Dr. Peter Phillips’ victory in the People’s National Party (PNP) presidential election on Saturday, September, 7 Integral members of the defeated Rise United team have resigned from the shadow cabinet. 


On Sunday news came that Bunting’s campaign manager, Dr. Dayton Campbell, resigned as opposition spokesman on Health. On Monday Phillips’ challenger, Peter Bunting, and his campaign chair, Mark Golding, also handed in their resignations.


Bunting was the spokesman on Industry, Investment, and Competitiveness. While Golding spoke on matters of Finance and Planning. These resignations have reduced the 27 member shadow cabinet to 24 members. 


Prior to the resignations, the PNP’s General Secretary Julian Robinson issued a statement noting that the Leader of the Opposition and President of the PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips, would reorganize the Shadow Cabinet after the Party’s Annual Conference ends on September 22.” 


Jamaica Today has been informed that a meeting is scheduled to be held today (September 10), between re-elected PNP President, Dr. Phillips, and Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting. 


Shannon-Dale Reid

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