Phillips Team Says Poll Shows Him More Experienced To Lead The Pnp



The Peter Phillips supported campaign team for the Presidency of the People’s National Party (PNP) presented the remainder of its poll findings Monday morning, August 12, further showing its candidate in a favorable light.

On Monday morning it gave new data that compared Bunting and Phillips, showing the latter to be the more experienced The question was which of them (Phillips or Bunting) do you think has the most experience to be the leader of the PNP. Forty-one percent said Phillips and 29 percent said, Bunting.

The One PNP campaign of Dr. Phillips had already presented some of its findings last week, on the same day that Peter Bunting’s Rise United team gave data showing Bunting being significantly favored over Phillips to lead the Party. Bunting’s team had commissioned Don Anderson’s Market Research Services to do its poll which also showed more people agreeing than disagreeing with a contest for the PNP leadership.

Phillip’s team, presenting its Bill Johnson commissioned poll results last week spoke of its findings, suggesting it was Dr. Phillips who was better favored. The poll also showed that Phillips was in a dead heat with Andrew Holness, based on the response of people when asked who you would vote for (Phillips-led PNP or Holness-led JLP) were elections called now. Holness was ahead of Phillips by only two percentage points, according to the One PNP Campaign.


Franklin McKnight

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