PM Calls On States To Recommit To Principles Of Seabed Authority

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called on Member States of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) “to use the opportunity of the Authority’s 25th anniversary to recommit to the preservation and equitable utilization of marine resources and to ocean-based climate action.”
He said he was making the call against the background of the ongoing rapid deterioration of the global marine environment.

Mr Holness was speaking at the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Session of the International Seabed Authority, Downtown Kingston, on Thursday, July 25.

The Prime Minister said: “A healthy ocean is vital for effectively addressing the impacts of climate change and sustaining the lives and livelihoods of our peoples. Urgent action is required therefore, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in keeping with the Paris Agreement.” The Prime Minister said, “It is imperative therefore, that we also recommit to accelerated and ambitious actions to mobilize and unlock climate financing.”

Mr Holness noted Jamaica’s historical involvement with the ISA and congratulated those involved in pioneering work with it from the time of the initial meeting in Jamaica in 1982.

“This progressive organization, entrusted with the management and preservation of the common heritage of humankind, is to be congratulated for effectively undertaking the orderly, safe and responsible administration and development of the resources of the deep seabed.” He also commended the promotion of knowledge and research and the significant scientific and technological insight into the value of the seas and oceans and their resources to the existence and welfare of the people of the world.

He announced that Jamaica is seeking re-election to the Council of the International Maritime Organization for the period 2020-2021.

Franklin McKnight

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