PM Holness Participates In OACPS’s Virtual Summit On COVID-19

The Organization of African, Caribbean, and the Pacific States, OACPS today, June 3 held its virtual summit to discuss responses to the coronavirus pandemic amongst its members and Jamaica was represented by Prime Minister, Andrew Holness.

This was the first extraordinary inter-sessional summit of this association of nations and was chaired by His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya.

The summit was under the theme “Transcending the Covid-19 Pandemic: Building Resilience through Global Solidarity”.

Now in wake of the pandemic, PM Holness said: “we must undertake a comprehensive review of the state of global economic governance that will promote sustainable development”.

He further stated that “the OACPS must mount a strong advocacy campaign for access to emergency liquidity support of developing countries with vulnerable economies. Together, we must address global inequality, unsustainable debt, and socioeconomic disparities.”

The prime minister also highlighted that many Cariforum states which are comprised of 15 Caribbean countries have been hit tremendously, especially in the industries of Tourism, Culture, Trade Education, Agriculture, and Finance. The hit resulted in major fallouts of employment.

He explained that what is needed to be done to address the crisis is to redefine development indices, ameliorating inequalities, and addressing economic imbalances.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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