PM Links Bad Local Weather And Climate Agenda At UN




Prime Minister Andrew Holness is advising parents and community members, that during periods of unusual weather as is now being experienced, they should pay close attention to their children especially those children who are crossing gullies or flooded roadways.

 The statement was made against the background of the washing away of a nine year-old boy in St Andrew Wednesday.

In a statement issued from New York, where he is attending the UN General Assembly and several climate related events on its margins, Mr Holness said “What we are seeing is a consequence of a shift in weather patterns which is a direct result of climate change.”

He said “Jamaica is now experiencing longer, and more intense periods of drought followed by shorter and more vigorous rainfall in sections of the island which were previously not prone to such heavy rains; this shift has been overwhelming the existing infrastructure and resulting in flooding.


He linked the infrastructure and the weather changes and said “this is why it is important for Jamaica to have a strong voice in fora such as the United Nations.

He said today, Thursday he would be speaking on two critical topics and

“Continuing my advocacy for developed countries to fund climate adaptation and mitigation, for countries such as Jamaica, and other Small Island Developing States (SIDS), so that we can put in place the infrastructure that can withstand these adverse climatic events.”




 Franklin McKnight


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