PNP MP Apologizes For ‘Green’ Comments

People’s National Party (PNP) MP for Eastern St Catherine, Denise Daley has made a full apology for comments she made that were taken to mean she did not like JLP supporters or did not want any supporters of the JLP in her constituency.

The MP last weekend made the comments at a PNP West rural St Andrew Constituency meeting. She said that people who wear green are not tolerated in her constituency and would be asked to leave.

Green is the colour of the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and orange the colour of the Opposition PNP.

Since Ms Daley’s comments there have been widespread condemnation of what she said, with some saying they were dangerous and tribal. Some called for the PNP and the Political Ombudsman to sanction Ms Daley.

Earlier in the week, Ms Daley said in a radio interview that she liked orange as a colour and did not like green and as with other people she was entitled to like or dislike colours. She said then that her comments had nothing to do with people.

Now however, in a full statement issued by the PNP today (Saturday, April 28), the PNP MP said her remarks were not intended to offend but based on the commentaries subsequent to the statement “she now understands that it was not appropriate and regrets making such remarks.”

She acknowledged that the remarks could “generate unease among residents in sections of her constituency.”

The PNP statement said: “Ms Daley offers a full apology to her constituents, the Political Ombudsman, the PNP and the people of Jamaica for the remark.”

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