PNP Questions $17-M Mobay Sign




The PNP wants the Minister of Tourism to answer questions on the proposed spending of $17 million to erect a new “Welcome to Montego Bay” sign at the airport entrance to the western city.


The PNP Spokesman on Tourism, Dr. Wykeham McNeill, said there are questions about the sign that need to be urgently addressed by the government.


In a statement, Dr. McNeill said “the public has a right to know details about this seemingly ostentatious development and why this questionable expenditure was taking placing at this time.”


Dr. McNeill reminded Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett that protracted and tough wage negotiations with the public sector workers are still in progress in some instances, and there are urgent needs in education, health and national security. He said the fact that government is willing to expend so much public funds on a single sign is symptomatic of deep levels of disdain for public sentiments.


The ‘Welcome to Montego Bay’ sign project is set for outside the Sangster International Airport (SIA) roundabout in St James. Last weekend, the Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis, said the sign should be put up by the end of the year.


Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett has said the sign is part of the effort to make Montego Bay more attractive. The sign is to replace one that was knocked over and smashed in a traffic crash. It is being funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund.


By: Franklin McKnight

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