PNP Says It Supports Police Probe At Manchester Municipal Corporation

The People’s National Party, PNP says it is supporting police investigations into fraud allegations at the Manchester Municipal Corporation (MMC) where one of its councillors has resigned and several officers have either been charged or are under investigations.

Earlier this week Deputy Mayor and Councillor for the Spur Tree Division in North Western Manchester, Ervin Facey (PNP) resigned reportedly after financial irregularities were discovered, regarding work contracted for the Corporation. It is also reported that two other officers of the Corporation have tendered their resignation also as a result of the same issue.

In a statement today (Saturday, June 9) the PNP said its President, Dr Peter Phillips and officers of the Party have taken note of developments at the MMC.

“We acknowledge the allegations that have been made against a PNP councillor and staff members at the corporation,” the statement said, adding that the Party fully supports investigations underway by the police.

It said the party also noted there “were innuendos and slander against the party and some of its members.” The PNP said such innuendos and slander were not supported and cannot be justified.

Police confirmed they were investigating the latest allegations of irregularities at the Corporation.

In 2016 a former Deputy Superintendent of Road and Works Sanja Elliott and a caretaker for Mr Elliott’s property were arrested and are still before the court on fraud charges.

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