Pnp’s Waite Told To Apologize For Using ‘Nasty Naygers’


The Political Ombudsman has written to Basil Waite, People’s National Party (PNP) caretaker for North East St Elizabeth telling him that he has breached the Political Code of Conduct with a reference in a speech to Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters as ‘nasty naygers’.

The Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, in a letter to Waite Monday, August 5 said he should issue a full apology within three (3) days or if in disagreement meet with her, September 2.

The Ombudsman said the matter was brought to her attention in a complaint by Generation 2000, the JLP affiliate. She said she received a separate report that the words complained of (‘Nasty naygers’) in reference to Labourites “were indeed used” by Waite. The Ombudsman’s letter was copied to the Secretary General of the PNP and of the JLP.

A video with audio showed Waite hitting hard against the JLP at a PNP weekend conference when he reportedly made the derogatory comments. Referring to people as “niggers” or ‘naygers’ has long been seen as racist or derogatory, especially in the United States.


Franklin McKnight

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