Police Acknowledge Traffic Nightmare In Corporate Area

The police have issued a traffic advisory acknowledging major congestion on roads that were to help get vehicles around Three Miles, Kingston that has been closed. The closure took place yesterday and led to massive pile up this morning on so called alternative routes police identified.

In their release late Monday morning, the police said they are advising motorists that police officers have been responding to concerns of severe traffic congestion along several roads being used as alternative routes to the Portia Simpson Miller Square (Three Miles) in Kingston on to smaller minor roads.

The issues affecting the alternative routes are as a result of approximately 70,000 vehicles being diverted from the Portia Simpson Miller Square onto smaller minor roads.

Police say Olympic Way, Bay Farm Road, Waltham Park Road and several roads leading off, have been “inundated with motor vehicles”, which has resulted in significant delays. The problem is being further compounded by unruly motorists who continue to ignore the road code and the instructions of traffic personnel. Motorists are to expect delays and are being urged to obey the instructions of the Police.

“We are working assiduously to alleviate the congestion with the additional deployment of Police into the affected areas,” the police statement said.

By Franklin McKnight

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