Police Arrest Man And Seize Illegal Firearm Following Hardware Robbery

Police investigators in Manchester are currently questioning a man they arrested after he was found among a group of men, who it is alleged broke into a hardware store in Walderston, Manchester, on Wednesday morning, May 16.

The identity of the man is being withheld as investigations continue.

In outlining the details of the incident, the police’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said that lawmen were summoned to the hardware store at about 2:10 a.m. when the men were seen committing the robbery.

Further reports are the officers approached the men, who allegedly pulled firearms and fired at them. The police then returned gunfire but the men fled the scene.

However, one of their suspected accomplices was left behind and was subsequently arrested.

During a further search for the armed robbers, the police found a Browning 9mm pistol and four 9mm rounds of ammunition.

The police are hoping to make an early breakthrough in the case as their probe intensifies.



Ansray Thomas



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