Police Believe Woman Was Victim Of Contract Killing

The police say they have received information that the murder of a woman in St. James over the weekend is suspected to be a contract killing with an alleged overseas connection.

Police report that the woman Valda Kellier, 57, of King Street, Montego Bay, was shot dead on Saturday in Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay. A man was also shot and injured during the incident.

Reports are that about 9:50 p.m., the police were called after persons living close to the area heard several gunshots and raised an alarm. On the arrival they found a man and a woman suffering from gunshot wounds. Both were taken to hospital where Kellier was pronounced dead.

The man, who sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder, was treated and released from hospital.

The parish of St James has been under a state of emergency since January 18 of this year.

Kimoya Moss

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