Police Call On August Town Residents To Remain Calm

The Police say they have heightened their presence in the August Town area of St Andrew, following separate shooting incidents in the community on Friday, October 26 that left two people dead and another in hospital.

Citizens are being asked to remain calm as the Police work to restore order in the community.


According to police report, about 5:35 this morning, a police team was processing a murder scene at Princess Alice Drive, Kingston 7. While on that scene, the Police were alerted to another shooting incident on Barrett Drive, also in Kingston 7, where two people were shot, about 8:35 a.m. One of them has since succumbed; the other is being treated at hospital.


Investigators theorize that these incidents stem from an ongoing gang feud in the area.

Classes were disrupted at the August Town Primary school as a result of the violence.


By: Franklin McKnight

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