Police Commissioner Concerned About Public Indiscipline

Police Commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson says he is concerned about the high levels of indiscipline that members of the public have been displaying especially when confronted by police officers.

The head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force said as a result of these developments law enforcers were looking at ways to clamp down on the practice.

The commissioner warned that plans were coming to start holding more people accountable for their actions where these breaches were concerned.

“One of the challenges is when the rules are there they are broken then nothing happens; that encourages continued breaking of the rules that is not my philosophy or my way,” said the police commissioner in an interview at the Pegasus Hotel.

Police say in recent months they have been forced to investigate a large number of cases involving members of the public trying to hinder the police from executing their duties.

Police said several of the incidents have been posted on social media.

Kimoya Moss




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