Police Continue To Ignore Priory

It is clear now that the St Ann police and the St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) and the National Works Agency (NWA) are either incapable of or unwilling to do anything about the now persistent traffic snarls on the North Coast Highway at Priory, St Ann.

As have been highlighted in the media before and others have observed, double parking on this narrow stretch of the two-lane North Coast Highway (if we can call it that) has resulted in excessive delays, over the past two years. It is now becoming worse. These delays were once mainly at peak hours, between St Ann’s Bay and Priory but now have become daily on and off peak, and in both directions.

Disgruntled motorists and other road users have long complained about the delays in this area, pointing out that it’s caused by parking that intrudes on the two lanes one in either direction. The NWA and the SAMC have dragged their feet over marking and signage to make it clear that no parking is allowed here. There is only one other point along the highway between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay that roadside parking is allowed. That is the area around Dolphin Cove near Dunn’s River Falls and police have indicated they are to take action because of the danger that poses.

At the SAMC’s July meeting, the new Superintendent of Police Calvin Small said ‘No Parking’ signs were now in place and officers had been told to forcefully prosecute, and where necessary to seize vehicles. No such thing has been taking place and over the recent ‘Emancipendence’ holidays the area was a nightmare. Policemen have been seen from time to time directing traffic at the intersection, but as for double parking, that continues without police action.

Why is the SAMC not insisting on order at Priory, even though they have complained about the traffic congestion?

It’s time for someone to call out Superintendent Small on Priory.

Alexander White

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