Police Federation Pleased With New Policy On Injured Cops, Commits Support To Crime Plan

The Police Federation has reacted positively to what it calls a welfare initiative for members relating to treatment without reference to fee payment at Government hospitals. The Federation welcomed the position, describing it as long overdue.

In his sectoral budget presentation yesterday, Tuesday, June 12, National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang, said he had advised that new protocols be set out to get prompt hospital treatment for police officers injured on duty. He said Government hospitals and the University Hospital of the West Indies must have procedures that allow for the treatment of any policeman or woman injured on duty, without any requirement for fees for attention or treatment to be given. He said a police personnel injured should not be worrying about fees while seeking care at hospital.

In a release today (Wednesday, June 13) The Federation says it has long maintained that “police officers injured on duty must be given prompt treatment at hospitals without being subjected to payment before accessing treatment.”

Police Federation Chairman, Corporal Arleen McBean stated that her organization lobbied vigorously for this move and view it as a step in the right direction. She said members want to know that if they are injured on duty, they won’t have to worry about payment for medical treatment. The issue was a major one at the Federation’s conference in May, attended by Dr. Chang only days after he took up his new Cabinet post.

Corporal McBean added that the Federation and its members are committed to the 5-Point Crime Plan and will do all that is necessary to see the Plan succeed. Corporal McBean said the Federation is now awaiting an invitation from the Minister to discuss the protocols for this implementation.

By Franklin McKnight

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