Police High Command Sends Condolences To The Family Of Former Officer Slain In Libya




The Police High Command has sent condolences to the family of Clive Peck, a former member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and United Nations employee who died in Libya at the weekend.

Peck, a UN Field Service Officer with more than two decades at the international institution was killed Saturday, August 10 when a car bomb blew up in Benghazi where he was stationed.

Acting on behalf of Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson, Bishop Dr. Gary Welsh, Assistant Commissioner of Police who serves as Chaplain for retired members, contacted Mr. Peck’s widow and committed the JCF’s full support during her moment of bereavement. 

Jamaica Today reported Sunday that Mr Peck was well known in the North Coast Parishes of St Mary and St Ann, where he served while a member of the JCF. His family lives in St Mary.

The family was also visited by Chaplain for Area 2, Reverend Anthony Armstrong, while Area 2 Assistant Commissioner of Police, Elbert Nelson spoke with Mrs. Peck by phone. Area 2 covers St Ann, St Mary and Portland.

Major General Anderson has also paid tribute to Mr. Peck, a former Corporal who served the JCF for 14 years between 1979 and 1993.
“Mr. Peck was committed to public service and bettering the lives of others, both while at the JCF and in his most recent role as Field Service Officer with the United Nations Support Mission in Libya. We grieve with his family, friends and his former JCF batch mates and colleagues with whom he remained close,” a JCF statement said.
A statement by the High Command said during his tenure, Peck was twice recognised for exemplary performance and dedication.


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