Police Investigating Another Case of Confrontation Involving The Police

The Police High Command has launched an investigation in another case involving unruly members of the public defying police orders.

In the latest incident that took place in St James, police were forced to launch a search for a bus operator who removed the keys from a police service vehicle after a police officer sought to apprehend him for a traffic violation.

The incident that was captured on video shows the bus operator being boisterous and confrontational with the policeman who was attempting to write a traffic ticket. The police officer removed the key from the bus and informed the driver that the vehicle would be seized.

The unruly driver then removed the keys from the police service vehicle.

The driver demanded that the policeman return the keys to his bus or he would be keeping the key to the police vehicle.

The man then walked away into a crowd.

Dwight Powell, Superintendent in charge of the Trelawny Division urged members of the public to refrain from this type of behaviour.

“I want to urge members of the public to comply with the police and not to resist the police when they are confronted,” Supt Powell said.

“The trend where we are seeing members of the public obstructing police when they are carrying out their duties is disturbing and needs to stop.”

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