Police Move To Crack Down On Reckless Driving On Mandela Highway

In response to the wave of accidents occurring along some of the island’s highways, the Police say they will be putting in place systems to clamp down on speeding motorists travelling on Mandela High Way.

Since last Friday, April 27, one person was killed and more than a dozen injured in separate multiple-vehicle collisions. On Sunday night, another person was killed along the PJ Patterson highway in another accident involving several vehicles.

This has prompted the police to take action.

“There will be an increase in police presence and also the addition of more signage to get motorists to slow down while traveling on the roadway,” said Courtney Coubre, head of the Police Traffic Division.

On Sunday, a woman was crushed to death and several other persons injured in a multiple traffic pile up along the Mandela Highway. Five vehicles were involved in the mishap. On Friday, about eight vehicles were involved in an accident along the highway in which about 10 people suffered injuries.

Kimoya Moss

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