Police Report Breakthrough In Several Serious Crime Cases


Police are reporting that over the last week they charged two men for murder and two for gun and ammunition finds, in separate incidents in St Ann, Manchester, Kingston and St Andrew.


The Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB) has reported that investigators have made significant breakthroughs and have arrested and charged suspects for several serious crimes island wide.


A most recent instance was the swift arrest of a suspect following citizens’ discovery of a body on Swansea Avenue, Colgate, St. Ann this week. The suspect, 21-year-old Rojay Gordon, was arrested and charged.


Similarly, Nickroy Hamilton was charged with the murder of Kenneth Lambert on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Fifty-eight-year-old Kenneth Lambert otherwise called ‘Ken’, in Manchester, succumbed to injuries he received after being hit with a stone on Main Street in the parish, on Saturday, August 17. Lambert was walking along the roadway about 1:00 a.m. when a man approached him and used a stone to hit him in the head. Lambert was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.


The Police also made some breakthrough in incidents that involved shooting with intent and firearm and ammunition seizures. Daveroy Francis, also known as ‘Cocoa’, was charged for wounding with intent, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. The 25-year-old was accused of shooting and wounding 53-year-old Michael Barnet of the Harmony Vale district in Claremont, St. Ann. Upon his arrest, Francis was found with a homemade firearm, one 12-gauge shotgun and three cartridges.


Mark Wynter, 47-year-old of Kingston, was also arrested and charged for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. Newton was accosted and searched after he aroused the suspicion of police officers who responded to reports of loud noise at a location on Maxfield Avenue in St. Andrew. A Glock pistol and a magazine containing ten 9mm rounds of ammunition were seized.


Also charged this week was Galvin Calvert of 9 Miles, Bull Bay, St. Andrew. He was subsequently charged on Friday, August 18, for illegal possession of ammunition. Reports are police personnel went to the ‘Bobo Hill’ area of Bull Bay with a warrant which was issued under the Firearms Act, during which two .38 rounds were found on the bed among clothes at his residence.


In a release outlining its successes the police said: “We ask that the citizens of Jamaica to continue to support the investigations of the JCF to secure an even higher success rate of crimes solved, as we work to help keep you safe.”


Franklin McKnight

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