Police Seize Four Weapons

Police continued to mount pressure on criminals operating in Westmoreland with another operation early Sunday morning that led to the seizure of four homemade firearms and the arrest of two juveniles.

The seizure came a day after a man on the police wanted list was shot dead during a confrontation in Negril. In the latest operation, police went to the community of Whithorn where the juveniles were held and the firearms seized.

During the operation on Saturday, police said they came upon armed thugs in Whitehall, Negril. A gun battle ensued and one of the men was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Following the shooting the police said they recovered a firearm.

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) has been called in to probe the fatal shooting. Police have vowed to leave no stone unturned as they seek to restore order in the parish in which seven people were killed recently by criminals linked to the lotto scam.

Kimoya Moss

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