Police Suspect Murray Was Victim Of A Hit

Police say they have received information that suggests that the Brandon Murray homicide at the Mayfair Hotel in Kingston on Sunday could have been a contract killing. Murray was gunned down during a brazen daylight attack in the normally quiet community on Sunday sending shockwaves across the island and its sporting fraternity.

“We are following several leads into the case, one of them is that it may have been a contract killing as he was not robbed at the time of the attack,” a detective from Half Way Tree Police Station said.

Police reports said Murray was at the hotel at about 5:00 pm when he received a phone call. He stepped outside to take the call and was pounced upon by men travelling in a white Toyota Pro Box motorcar who opened fire hitting him several times before they drove away.

Murray was found suffering from gunshot wounds and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The death of Clarendon-based businessman and co-founder of Sporting Central Academy has triggered widespread shock among Jamaicans. Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon and boss for the Humble Lion Football Club, Mike Henry, said Murray was very dedicated to the sport of football.

“Sporting Central and Humble Lion were arch rivals on the field of play for years in both Clarendon football and at the National Premier League level,” said Henry in a statement. “It was always a cordial and very civil exchange and interaction at the administrative levels of the clubs.”


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