Policeman Chopped In The Face To Undergo Surgery

The Manchester police corporal, who was chopped in the face by a mentally ill man in Christiana last week, is to undergo facial reconstruction surgery later this week.

The policeman, who is now at a medical facility in Kingston, is said to be in stable condition following a successful blood drive.

According to reports, on Tuesday, April 17, the officer, who is assigned to the Highway and Traffic Division in the parish, was driving his service motorcycle through Christiana when he was chopped by the mentally ill man.

A video of the incident, which went viral on social media, showed the policeman jumping from the motorcycle and attempting to flee as the machete-wielding man chased him.

He was reportedly rescued by residents, who set upon his attacker.

Meanwhile, a teenager remains hospitalized after he was accidently shot during the mêlée. The police are also reporting that the mentally ill man is also in hospital under their guard. He reportedly suffered a broken leg after being severely beaten by residents.

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