Porsche Unveils Simulator

After launching its showroom in New Kingston last year, Porsche decided to treat invitees to try out its new simulator, which came from Germany.

The event started at 11 a.m. last Saturday and everyone in attendance was eager to set a lap time. However, there was a slight delay as the steering had to be calibrated for accuracy. This standard procedure stressed the importance of how real the simulation experience would be.

“The Virtual Simulator allows persons to get a feel of what it would be like to race a Porsche on the track. Additionally, if they’d like to make their dream of racing a Porsche on a racetrack a reality, Porsche Jamaica can assist with booking a Porsche Driving Experience at any Porsche Centre globally,” Christina Taylor, group marketing manager, ATL Automotive.

Once the simulator was fine tuned, everyone took a trial lap which saw a lot of accidents occurring especially when taking corners. None the less, the overall atmosphere was one of fun, as the resident DJ created a lively mood with hits from various genres. In addition, there were more than enough hors d’oeuvres and beverage from the bar for all to enjoy.

After indulging in the delectables, competitive juices started to flow and persons wanted to challenge each other for the best lap times. This also allowed persons to win prizes as well as bragging rights.

“Everyone loved it! Most persons, whether male or female, spent a lot of time playing virtual racing games on consoles, so it’s a concept they can connect with.

Even though with the simulator, it’s generally a bit harder as it’s more realistic and lifelike, everyone had fun and their competitive sides came out.. Especially as prizes from our Porsche Driver’s Selection were on the line,” stated Taylor.

Not to be overshadowed by the simulator, Porsche representatives also took the opportunity to inform persons of the various deals that are available.

“Currently customers are able to take advantage of the extremely competitive pricing on our 2017 models such as the crossover SUV Macan which starts at 12.25m along with a $500,000 cash back till March 31st, 2018,” disclosed Taylor.

In keeping with the idea of a lifestyle brand, Porsche had several paraphernalia on sale, for persons who like to have the brand incorporated in their daily lifestyle.

“Our Porsche Driver’s Selection has been a great hit with the customers and general public. Porsche has been creating their lifestyle products for 70 years and has redefined the sporting lifestyle.

Our selection has a wide range of products including keyrings, shirts, hats, watches, sunglasses, golf bags, car cleaning kits and even mini Porsches for children. The most popular has been the clothing items as they’re extremely comfortable and fashionable as well as the Porsche USBs that are mini replicas of models,” stated Taylor.

Source: The Gleaner

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