Poverty Increases In 2017

The poverty rate in Jamaica for 2017, has increased to 19.3 percent. That’s 2.2 percentage points higher than the 17.1% poverty rate for the previous year.

The rates were presented in Ministry Paper No. 50, tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, July 30.

According to the data, the highest increase was in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) up by 5.2 percentage points. The increase in other towns was up by 4.1 percentage points.

Opposition Senator Lambert Brown called attention to the rate in the Senate Friday, August 2 decrying the increase and saying it was the reverse of the “prosperity” the Government promised.

Government Senator Aubyn Hill said the Government had moved to provide additional resources to the PATH programme. He said Government had nothing to be ashamed about as it had brought about the best employment rate ever in the country.

Franklin McKnight

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