Press Release: Culture of Disrespect, and racial divisiveness developing in the PNP



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                    August 5, 2019


Culture of Disrespect, and racial divisiveness developing in the PNP


Young Jamaica feels it necessary to bring to attention recent comments made from the Political platform of the PNP to the Political Ombudsman and indeed to all Jamaicans.


Though the PNP May be split into 2 camps the behaviour is the same. Young Jamaica has formed this view based on the following:


  1. Comments made at a “One PNP” meeting recently by Basil Waite while Leader of the Opposition Dr Phillips sat dotingly behind him. He stated “some of the little nasty ‘naygas’ a call dem self Labourites”.


  1. Comments made at another meeting this time of the “rise united camp” by Ricky Trooper while Presidential aspirant Peter Bunting watched gleefully as he referred to JLP members as “Dutty Labourites” and further stated “me hate all Labourites”.


President Howard Chamberlain has stated “this sort of disrespectful discourse from those and obviously sanctioned by those who seek to lead us can’t be tolerated”, he continued “in fact this sort of behaviour is a breach of Jamaica’s political code of conduct”.


Young Jamaica views these utterances as outright reckless. President Chamberlain feels “It is very telling that as potential leaders this is how they view a significant segment of the country”. He further stated based on the declared ambitions of both Dr Phillips and Mr Bunting we believe it is absolutely necessary for both of these gentlemen to denounce these statements before September 7th


As such Young Jamaica is calling on the Political Ombudsman to take immediate action to reign in those who only seek to divide Jamaica with their racially divisive and disrespectful utterances. Beyond that, Young Jamaica is calling on the church, NIA, Jamaican for Justice, the PSOJ, the Chamber of Commerce, The bar association, press association and unions all to condemn this defamatory language from the respective PNP Platforms. 


Jamaica’s has come too far in improving its political discourse and culture to be taken back by Dr Phillips or by Peter Bunting.






For further information, please contact:

Howard Chamberlain – 876.880.7382


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