Protesting NWC Workers In Further Meetings



Union representatives of workers who have taken industrial action at the National Water Commission (NWC) are to meet Friday morning at the Ministry of Finance toward settling issues of their protest.

Some 18,000 workers representing two categories at the NWC took action, first described as a strike, yesterday. Their withdrawal of service and protest shut down the NWC’s commercial office in Cross Roads. Yesterday evening the National Workers Union (NWC) that represents them met with the Ministry of Labour and NWC management and reportedly ironed out two of the issues over which the workers took action. These were, the four percent wage increase agreed and a date for retroactive payment. However there was no agreement on a one-off payment the workers say they are entitled to.

The meeting at the Finance Ministry is expected to address that.

Union head Granville Valentine says the workers are not on strike but on go slow and sit in.


Franklin McKnight

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