Psychologist Urges That Reports Of Suicide Intention Should Be Taken Seriously

Georgia Rose, clinical psychologist addressing Deans of Discipline in St Ann, Wednesday.

Deans of Discipline in high schools have been advised that they should take seriously all reports or suggestions that a student was intending to commit suicide.

Clinical psychologist Dr Georgia Rose told Deans of Discipline that there were signs that they should consider to determine if children were having serious issues that could predispose them to consider suicide.

She said once a suicide was reported at school, the parent or parents of the child should immediately be called and instructed to take the child to a hospital. Dr Rose said it was not for the teacher to decide whether the report was serious or whether it was rooted in a medical or psychological or other problem.

She said the parents should be required to produce confirmation that the child was taken to the hospital or doctor who would decide what was to be done.

Dr Rose was speaking at the annual conference of the National Association of Deans of Discipline (NADD) at the Riu Mammee Bay Resort, St Ann.

The conference began Wednesday morning, July 11 and was also addressed by Minister of Education Ruel Reid.

The meeting continues to Friday.

By Franklin McKnight

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