Publicly Battered CMU Get Interim President


Mona School of Business high-level professor and former Dean of Social Sciences and the University of the West Indies (UWI) has been announced as the interim boss of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU).

The professor is Evan Duggan, his tenure begins on Monday, June 1.

The appointment comes as the university’s president Professor Fritz Pinnock is on an extended leave of absence amid the mega, 2019 fraud, and other criminal charges against him and then resigned education minister Ruel Reid, his wife Sharen, their daughter Sharelle and Brown’s Town Division councilor Kim Brown Lawrence.

Aside from Professor Duncan’s appointment to lead CMU, another key appointment has been announced and that is of characterized accountant Joy Harrison as the university’s treasurer.

Reportedly, she is charged with cleaning the institution’s image, financially.

This is as it was discovered by the Auditor General that the CMU had/has some 21 bank accounts, which is said to have been improperly managed.


Shannon-Dale Reid 

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