Push Again For Spanish Hoteliers To Buy More Locally

The Government says Spanish hoteliers and investors have recommitted to buying more local goods and services.

Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett gave the commitment of the Spanish hoteliers following a meeting he called Friday with key members of Inverotel, the association representing Spanish hotel investors and operators. Also at the meeting were other officials of the Ministry of Tourism, Ministries of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries and Finance.

For years now there have been concerns that even as the tourism sector grows there is no concomitant increase in supplies from farms and manufacturing outlets to the hotels.

In a statement Sunday, November 18, Mr. Bartlett said: “From our Spanish partners, Jamaica’s tourism industry has seen investments amounting to approximately US1.7billion and about 25% of the rooms built in Jamaica are the product of this Spanish investment.”

He said it was necessary to have dialogue with the Spanish stakeholders to ensure more local purchases from local suppliers.

According to the statement from the Tourism Ministry, President of Inverotel, Encarna Pinero, who led the presentations by the group, said “We would like to be seen as being on the same side as the Ministry of Tourism as real contributors to the economy and development of the country.

Franklin McKnight

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