Rains Cause Major Road Problems In Clarendon, St Catherine And St Andrew


The National Works Agency (NWA) says flooding and landslides continue to impact roadways in Clarendon, St. Catherine and St. Andrew.


Manager, Communication and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw says heavy afternoon rains have caused roads to be impassable in Clarendon and St. Andrew.


In Clarendon, the main roads from Kellits to McNie, May Pen to Sour Sop Turn, Danks to Mears Bridge, Mears Bridge to Grenock Bridge and St John’s to Pedro are all flooded and impassable.

Motorists are being advised not to attempt to use these corridors at this time as the heavy rains continue. Flooding is also being experienced in the Aenon Town, Carty Hill and Spalding communities.


Mr. Shaw says that efforts are underway at mitigating flooding in some of the areas, including in the Aenon Town, where a Sink Hole and Gully are being cleaned as well as the McNie area, where the Mother Robert Gully is impacting the community.


In St. Andrew, the main road from Papine to Redlight is now impassable due to a massive landslide, while sections of the Sir Florizel Glaspole Highway is being affected by flooding. Significant delays are now being experienced by persons using the roadway in the vicinity of Carib Cement.


In St. Catherine, flooding is being experienced along Jobs Lane in the vicinity of the Examination Depot. This is due to a collapsed culvert in the area.


Mr. Shaw says that work continues in the Mahagony Vale community in St. Thomas, where the road was overnight blocked by a massive landslide. Landslides are also impacting the Windsor Forrest road and the corridor from Easington to Llandewey.


Road users are being reminded to exercise extreme caution when using all corridors that are being impacted by the heavy rainfall. The surrounding embankments can collapse and drainage features fail, based on the intensity of the rainfall.


Franklin McKnight

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