Reports Of Widespread Mosquito Infestation In St Ann Communities

Several communities across St Ann have been reporting an influx of mosquitoes as the rainy season strengthens, with more rainfall in many communities for the last three weeks.

Medical Officer of Health for St Ann, Dr Deborah Weir told the monthly general meeting of the St Ann Municipal corporation (SAMC) that people should remember to take care in storing water which may breed mosquitoes. She said in some communities visited by health teams, the source of mosquito breeding was water stored in the homes.

Dr Weir also mentioned that there was now ongoing a vector control programme in some communities to reduce breeding sites and the programme was about to enter its second phase.

Among Councillors calling on the Health Department for more assistance in reducing the mosquito nuisance were: Kim Brown Lawrence, Brown’s Town Division, referencing especially Orange Hill and Liberty valley; Carlton Ricketts of Dry Harbour Division, referencing Hopewell and other communities around Discovery Bay; Winston Lawrence, Sturge Town division, referencing Belle Air, Hampstead and Salem; and Dalas Dickenson of St Ann’s Bay.

Dr Weir told the SAMC that there were suspected cases for Dengue in the parish, eight in August and nine in September and for Chic V three suspected cases in September and none in August.

By Franklin McKnight

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