RJR Wants Social Media Speculation To Stop Over Dorraine’s Health


The RJR/Gleaner Group is acknowledging that broadcaster Dorraine Samuels is seriously ill.

The Group, in a statement today (Thursday, March 14), said “Dorraine has had surgery in recent days and is in recovery. She continues to receive treatment.”

Ms Samuels has worked for RJR/TVJ for nearly four decades. She is their senior and main radio news presenter and has a weekday morning show on RJR 94 FM.

She has been off the air for the last two weeks, fuelling speculation about her health. Many social media users have been putting out claims and have been speculating about her status.

In an apparent response to the speculation and statements of concern, RJRGleaner said it and the broadcaster’s family noted “concerns that have arisen about her health,”

The statement said: “We request the respect of privacy at this time and especially ask that the speculation and pronouncements in social media stop.”

The statement said “We hold her in our prayers.”


Franklin McKnight

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