Roadside Car Lots Again Before St Ann Municipal Corporation

The St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) is to move against roadside car sales lots.

Since late last year, the matter has come up several times in the Corporation with councillors saying the SAMC should act against them.

They have pointed to one of those at Drax Hall where several cars have been parked on a verge next to Epping Gas Station. Also others have been mentioned but some of those no longer exist.

At last Thursday’s (June 14) meeting of the SAMC, it was said that Minister of Local Government Desmond McKenzie had stated at the previous meeting that the Council should and could act against those car lots.

However, in discussions, it was said that Mr. McKenzie’s suggestion that the SAMC could use wreckers and move the cars was made on the understanding that the issue was vehicles blocking the thoroughfare and not necessarily cars put on the side of the road for display and sale.

After some debate the Council decided that the acting CEO was to make contact with the owners of the cars on the lots, through the telephone numbers on the cars. It is expected that the SAMC will advise of the intention to remove the cars by wrecker and that the car owners will voluntarily remove them from the roadsides.

By Franklin McKnight

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