Rocksteady Singer Dies In The States


A member of the rocksteady vocal group, The Tamlins, Derrick Lara, has died. Derrick reportedly died at his daughter’s residence in Miami, Florida, at 5 a.m.

During an interview with Wayne Lonesome on YouTube Live, Carlton Smith, a founding member of the Tamlins, confirmed Derrick’s death, and that he was told months ago that he had stage four cancer.

Smith also said in the interview with Lonesome, that “Derrick went to the brain surgeon. He eats well but he never thought of lung cancer. He did ECG, he did a lot of other tests, but it was when they did a CT scan that the doctors realised what was the real problem.”

The cancer spread to other organs in Derrick and caused a slew of complications. He joined the Tamlins in 1983 and was a part of the legendary recordings of songs such as ‘Hard To Confess’, ‘Big Girl Now’ and of course, the group’s biggest hit ‘Baltimore’.

Derrick Lara was 61-years-old.


Shannon-Dale Reid

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