Roving The Market



It’s Market Day! 

Jamaica Today is out at the Coronation Market in downtown Kingston this week to mingle with the vendors, shoppers and hustlers alike who are out to capitalize on the hot trades for the day. 

As the team traverses the bustling thoroughfare of, we see gorgeous fresh, produce stacked row upon row, fresh goodies at every corner with prices ranging from $50.00 to at least $300.00 per pound for local produce.


The prices are pretty competitive this week. Check them out: 

Lettuce – $150.00 per pound

Tomatoes- $200.00 per pound

Cabbage- $50.00 per pound 

Callaloo $120.00 per bag

Green bananas $100.00 per dozen

Oranges $250.00 0r $300.00 per bag

And pumpkin ranging from $50.00- $80.00 per pound.

Produce prices are still not at an all-time low, but very competitive when compared to supermarkets and vendors who purchase for resale in communities.

As always, the market district is filled with loyal shoppers traversing the lanes looking to secure the best deals for every dollar spent, and in case you are wondering, the seasonal sorrel and green gungo peas still very much available, so purchase some on your next market trip.

If you are a first timer or regular shopper remember the offerings and savings in the market place will always be more than you can imagine.








Here are a few quick tips for a successful market trip:

Make a shopping list

Go early

Bring re-usable bags

Bring cash and small bills

Do a quick lap around upon arrival to compare prices

Ask questions

Purchase your heaviest items last




Just in case your next market trip takes you to the Coronation Market in Kingston, be sure to look for ‘Demar’ – ask anyone for him –  and get your My Jamaica Toady deals on a variety of fresh vegetables and seasonings.



Juliane Robinson

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